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Mars Space Science

Latest Mars Photos Show Frosty Landscapes, Ancient Lakebeds 60

Phoghat writes "A new batch of images has been released by the HiRISE camera on the Mars Reconnaissaince Orbiter and as usual they are stunning. In the first image, there is a lot going on! Numerous dust devil tracks have left criss cross marks. The second is an image of what could have been a once habitable lake. There are more, including a possible future landing site."
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Latest Mars Photos Show Frosty Landscapes, Ancient Lakebeds

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  • let the terraforming begin?
  • Direct links? (Score:5, Informative)

    by mopomi ( 696055 ) on Thursday December 23, 2010 @11:05AM (#34651560)

    Why does /. never link to the original source?

    http://www.uahirise.org/ [uahirise.org]

    • Ask Slashdot
    • by Tr3vin ( 1220548 )
      The editors only post what the users send in and the users only submit news articles they have read or blog posts they have made.
      • Not 100% true. I've had only one article on the front page so I certainly can't speak for all. However the link I provided in my submission was to Engadget. The link that was published was to some site in the UK. They also added / changed some sentences that garbled the intent so much that it became confusing. I WISH they would only publish what the user submitted (maybe correcting a typo or two).
    • by Anonymous Coward

      and lazy. You'd think the role of an "editor" would be to optimize the user-submitted content. You'd think they'd check the spelling, make sure the links worked and pointed to useful stuff, check for duplicates, READ THE FUCKING SUBMISSION, etc. But they don't. They just wipe the drool off their chins and randomly mash "ACCEPT" to a few submissions each day.

      Slashdot is a comedy.

    • Re: (Score:1, Offtopic)

      by Ismellpoop ( 1949100 )
      Because half the article are day or two old http://www.fark.com/ [fark.com] news.
      Lately /. could just link to the Fark home page and be done with it.
    • by Anonymous Coward

      Who do you think submits these stories? (mostly) Other people who write them.
      What do you think happens when Slashdot pisses off the other people posting these stories?
      They go away and Slashdot loses hits / possible revenue from story deals / a lot of content.
      Either way, all of those sound bad.

      And very rarely does that gap get filled with other people. It has happened on loads of other sites where a bunch of the original fanbase have left, the site is left is a cesspit of a mess. (4chan*, YTMND, Youtube*,

    • It's an advertising thing

  • Must have found a fishing pole by the dock.
  • Jump, Jump!
  • NASA has a habit of making things looks a lot more dramatic than they look in real life

  • Space.com has some fairly-new cool time-lapse movies of a Martian sunset and eclipse:

    http://www.space.com/scienceastronomy/mars-rover-opportunity-sunset-movie-101223.html [space.com]

    There seems to be some camera or processing artifacts that cause faint ovals, however. Some small-delta smoothing algorithms could perhaps fix them up.

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