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Gulf Oil Spill Disaster — Spawn of the Living Dead 228

grrlscientist writes "A recently published study, intended to provide data to commercial fisheries in the Gulf of Mexico so they maximize their catch of Yellowfin Tuna, Thunnus albacares, whilst avoiding bycatch of critically endangered Atlantic (Northern) Bluefin Tuna, Thunnus thynnus, suggests that the Deepwater Horizon oil leak may devastate the endangered Atlantic bluefin population, causing it to completely collapse or possibly go extinct."
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Gulf Oil Spill Disaster — Spawn of the Living Dead

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  • Title? (Score:3, Funny)

    by Ltap ( 1572175 ) on Thursday June 10, 2010 @02:31PM (#32526080) Homepage
    While it is a serious issue, I'll give Slashdot readers enough credit to actually read this story based on its importance, rather than an exaggerated, attention-grabbing title.
  • Re:Ummm, no (Score:4, Funny)

    by spun ( 1352 ) <loverevolutionar ... m ['oo.' in gap]> on Thursday June 10, 2010 @02:47PM (#32526306) Journal

    How do you know that the dispersants don't taste like ponzu sauce? Because that would be awesome. Except for the cancer.

  • by Swanktastic ( 109747 ) on Thursday June 10, 2010 @03:48PM (#32527106)

    Do you care that the ecosystem rebounds in a few million years?

  • by Anonymous Coward on Thursday June 10, 2010 @03:49PM (#32527132)
    Your post reminded me of Stuff White People Like: Japan [].

    Maybe you're not white, but I am laughing right now.

    “this place is pretty good, but living in Japan really spoiled me. I’ve had such a hard time finding a really authentic place.”

  • by roman_mir ( 125474 ) on Thursday June 10, 2010 @04:30PM (#32527736) Homepage Journal

    Punishment does not work if it is not done correctly. Punish the management and it will work.

    More importantly than that, in life people may not necessarily pay attention to possibility of punishment because they may believe they will get away with murder or anything else.

    But in a large company, with MANY people working there, if the blame for the problem can be assigned to more than one person and everybody is aware of the possible consequences punishment will work.

    It will work because in case of a company it concerns not a single individual but many people.

    Probably one of the most important steps in punishment though is confiscation of all money and property. This must be part of the punishment to severe forms of crime like the one BP, Transocean and Halliburton have committed here.

    oh, and shooting in the head is not optional.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Thursday June 10, 2010 @04:43PM (#32527956)

    They are especially delicious with a touch of Mercury, enjoy!
            - the coal industry.

  • by sexconker ( 1179573 ) on Thursday June 10, 2010 @07:05PM (#32529706)

    You're a retard.
    We are not significantly altering our environment. There's pretty much the same amount or land sea and air, the temperatures are pretty much the same, volcanic and seismic activity happens at pretty stable rate, we're just as likely to get hit by a comet.

    If we were able to significantly alter the environment we wouldn't have wildfires in California every year. Old people in Florida wouldn't be whisked away by hurricanes. Volcanoes wouldn't halt air traffic in Europe.

    You're a typical myopic fuck who thinks only on the small scale. Building a city is not fundamentally altering the environment any more than a a bear taking a shit in the woods.

    Climatology? You mean the fucks said "The Earth will freeze! No, boil! No freeze! No, neither! No, just give us money!"?

    Physics? You mean an area of actual science that has no official opinion on hugging whales, fucking trees, what have you, because it's a SCIENCE, and not a hippie love-in or political swamp?

    Biology? You mean that field of science that says life adapts and changes and that CHANGE has gotten us to where we are now? You think they're advocating for STOPPING the phenomena that got us here?

    Game theory? So you really DO think you're entitled to an environment to host yourself. Protip: Even if the Universe were a game, you're a pawn, not a Player.

Things equal to nothing else are equal to each other.