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Stem Cell Tourists Take Costa Rica Off the Agenda 206

An anonymous reader writes "Stem cell tourism is a booming and troubling industry, in which clinics in places like Mexico, China, and India offer rich tourists experimental stem-cell-based treatments, none of which have been approved by the FDA here in the US. (Check out some of these creepy sites that offer treatments for everything from autism to MS, and even the 'very common ailment called aging.') But in one positive development, Costa Rica just shut down its top stem cell clinic. Said the country's health minister, 'This isn't allowed in any serious country in the world.'"
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Stem Cell Tourists Take Costa Rica Off the Agenda

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  • That Stemaid site is a veritable goldmine for humor. Did anyone else download and scan their brochure "Yes to Human Cloning []"? No? Nobody. Well, I cannot resist reproducing the first two paragraphs from the section "About the Author" (Raël of the Raëlian Foundation []):

    In 1974, I released The Book Which Tells The Truth, which described my contact with the Elohim, the extra-terrestrials who created us scientifically in their laboratories, and who were mistaken for 'God' or 'gods' by our primitive ancestors, who were too ignorant to understand the truth. At the time, it was the public's enthusiasm for the 'UFO phenomenon' that made my books and the conferences I held around the world a success.

    Nevertheless, when I explained that we would soon be able to do the same thing ourselves and live forever, thanks to cloning, many laughed. However, their laughter was tinged with the empty sound of those who have always been too shortsighted to see beyond their noses and foresee the fall of their own paradigms.

    Which website will you pick to clone you? I think I'm going for the one that gave me some propaganda on a religion surrounding the Elohim. Sounds like they know what they're up to. Or maybe you've got advanced AIDS (one of the many treatable conditions [] which conveniently have no other cures) How does it work? Well, they just shoot you up with a bunch of stem cells. No, I'm serious []:

    Stem Cell Therapy, SCT, is a treatment that provides stem cells in the appropriate location to assist the body where it needs to heal and regenerate its existing cells.
    Depending on the conditions, stem cells can be delivered through the blood stream or directly to the organ to treat. It isn’t understood yet how stem cell communicates with the body to determine and travel to sites of need but results have been observed showing stem cells located near the damage area and dividing there generating new differentiated healthy cells.

    It's a process which many leading scientists suspect might be a miracle! And you know, if it doesn't work, you just didn't present the stem cells the right conditions and we just need you to pay for a trip back and more saline ... er therapy injections. Maybe you have a supressive person in your life who has been telling you that we are a scam and that's why the stem cell therapy didn't work? Anyone else reminded of Professor Farnsworth's trip to GeneWorks S.K.G. from Three Hundred Big Boys []?

  • by spazdor ( 902907 ) on Wednesday June 09, 2010 @02:35PM (#32514166)

    In other news, the health minister is no longer invited to any parties hosted by Costa Rica's total joke neighbours.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday June 09, 2010 @03:31PM (#32514948)

    A big part of that reason is lobbing.

    Don't minimize the importance of good passing shots.

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