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Space Science

Aboriginal Folklore Leads To Meteorite Crater 233

An anonymous reader writes "An Australian Aboriginal dreaming story has helped experts uncover a meteorite impact crater in the outback of the Northern Territory. From the article: 'One story, from the folklore of the Arrernte people, is about a star falling to Earth at a site called Puka. This led to a search on Google Maps of Palm Valley, about 130 km southwest of Alice Springs. Here Hamacher discovered what looked like a crater, which he confirmed with surveys in the field in September 2009.'"
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Aboriginal Folklore Leads To Meteorite Crater

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  • by Enleth ( 947766 ) <enleth@enleth.com> on Thursday January 07, 2010 @06:21AM (#30680514) Homepage

    Just as I was thinking of some way to spice up a Call of Cthulhu adventure located in Australia for my players - a million years old crater from the aboriginal dreams pops up, and it's a genuine, real one. A little too far to the east for the original plot location, but that's nothing, just might be a tad more difficult for them to reach. Brilliant.

  • by krou ( 1027572 ) on Thursday January 07, 2010 @07:53AM (#30680890)

    I went from insightful to flaimbait to troll. Tough crowd. Now I just need funny and interesting, and I'll have a full set.

  • Aboriginal? (Score:1, Funny)

    by M8e ( 1008767 ) on Thursday January 07, 2010 @08:03AM (#30680926)

    How unoriginal!

  • by Hognoxious ( 631665 ) on Thursday January 07, 2010 @08:25AM (#30681060) Homepage Journal

    like English, but without grammar or meaning

    Well the story's about Australia, so that kind of fits.

  • by anss123 ( 985305 ) on Thursday January 07, 2010 @10:07AM (#30681832)
    You're wrong! Before Europe there were no wars or famines and people had perfect teeth. I've seen plenty of movies so I know it's true.
  • Wow, looks like someone really bought into that noble savage horseshit.

    Wow, looks like I'm about to get a ration of propagandist bullshit.

    I can almost picture the wind blowing through the Indian's hair as I read your post.

    She bit into a York(tm) peppermint patty.

    But here is my non-hippie interpretation of the noble native American

    It's also non-relevant. As is the fact that you're not a hippie. You're also not the president, but you didn't mention that.

    The "Native Americans" were actually many different tribes

    You are hereby fined your fucking credibility for misusing quotation marks. Now, I do understand that you're just flying off on a fucking rant here, which you're entitled to do any old time. But you're doing it in response to my comment, and like it or not, that makes it a reply to what I said. And nowhere in my comment did I in fact actually use the words "Native" or "American". Once you get that whole Mitochondrial Eve thing then the Native part falls apart; and "American" covers a lot of ground. Instead, I talked about the people who live[d] where I'm living now. We find arrowheads here occasionally; there's a nice little promontory and even today, this spot is fairly heavy with assorted small game. A bear has come through and crapped in our yard a couple times; at least, I can't imagine what else would have crap that big with meat and berries in it. Maybe sasquatch, eh?

    Anyway, you used my discussion about some specific people as the launching-off point for your own personal rant about natives as if I had no fucking idea what I'm talking about. But nothing I said in my comment warranted your wankery. Rein it in, me laddo. Go bad-mouth "Native Americans" in your journal or something. Certainly there are plenty that deserve it. Of course, being subjected to a couple hundred years of ridicule and occasional attempts at genocide can change a people. When the 1st US Cavalry came out here and slaughtered the occupants of what's now called "Bloody Island" after a different band of Pomo rose up against their Kelsey oppressors. And these people were living in peace and managing their lands. You can come up here and argue with them about how they know fuck-all, though.

  • relatively small prey size which the Aboriginals had to contend with
    Drop Bears, while relatively small in size, are vicious fuckers that will have torn a hole in your jugular and be drinking the warmth of your life force before you even realise what the hell is going on.

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