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Photovoltaic Eye Implant Could Give Sight To the Blind 15

MikeChino writes with this snippet from Inhabitat: "Researchers at Stanford University recently announced that they have developed a new artificial retina implant that uses photovoltaic power and could help the blind see. The problem with previous implants was that there was no way send power to the chip in order to process light and data inside the eye, so the new device uses miniature photovoltaic cells to provide power the chip as well as to transmit data through the eye to the brain. The new device has great promise to help people afflicted by the loss of photoreceptor cells by using the power of the sun."
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Photovoltaic Eye Implant Could Give Sight To the Blind

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  • This sounds really awesome. If my natural vision degenerates, I want the model with IR and UV sensitivity.

    But I can see an endless loop condition developing:

    10: "Don't look into the sun, you'll go blind!"
    20: "AAAA I looked into the sun and I'm blind!"
    30: "We've given you solar-powered retinal implants."
    40: "Oops, my eye batteries are low, I'd better go..."
    50: goto 20

    • Inability to stare at the sun is a bug, not a feature. Since this eye will actually be DESIGNED, they should be able to leave it out.

      • Inability to stare at the sun is a bug, not a feature. Since this eye will actually be DESIGNED, they should be able to leave it out

        Agreed, but unless they replace the whole thing, it's just an upgrade. The magnifying-glass effect is an artifact of the original case design... even if the new retina can handle it, the legacy I/O port (aka optic nerve) might blow out.

        Now, add some automatic cornea-side filtering and a new interface to the visual cortex, and you've got something. I could look forward to layi

        • Don't forget a bluetooth chip in there somewhere for direct optical bypass, firmware updates, high speed porn input, etc.. Of course, then local ads could REALLY get intrusive...
          • Re: (Score:3, Funny)

            by Hurricane78 ( 562437 )

            s/etc\./me cracking the protocol, and making you see Goatse all day long/ # ^^

            • Re: (Score:2, Funny)

              by Burpmaster ( 598437 )
              My brain! The eyelids do nothing!
            • Re: (Score:3, Funny)

              by FatdogHaiku ( 978357 )

              The good news is that we can restore your sight. The bad news is that do to security concerns we will need to place a mini-USB socket 2mm to the left of your iris... no no, you'll *hardly notice it, really!

              Users may become significantly aware of mini-USB port in cases of leakage, corrosion, or static discharge. Please avoid areas near strong magnetic fields. Never fall asleep at Defcon or similar events. Notify your doctor immediately if a Windows Logo appears and persists in your field of vision.

  • unless maybe they put a storage battery in their nose?
  •   But does it use Glitter [slashdot.org]?

      Gives the old, often used adage of "glittering eyes" an entirely new dimension. Plus, think of what a hit it'd be at parties :)


  • According to the article "the system utilizes is an external video camera that captures images". Now if they can use some of the new super-small video camera lenses and fit them into a round comfortable forward facing front-band that sits over the eyes like a pair of glasses or goggles, we might have a user-friendly device. Now if only we could make this 'band' as fashionable as Geordi's, we might really be getting somewhere!

    The only real drawback might be some engineers staring into the sun and going blin

  • but now how do you see in the dark?

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