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The Best Approach For Avoiding Zombies 15

BuzzSkyline writes "Last month, math students published a model of a zombie infestation that explained how the disease might spread. A new physics paper offers help for the more immediate problem — how to avoid being eaten. The paper, which recently appeared in the journal Physical Review E, considers where best to hide when being pursued by zombie-like predatory 'random walkers.' Although the researchers weren't thinking of zombies when they wrote the paper, the abstract describes the research as focusing on 'the survival probability of immobile targets annihilated by a population of random walkers.' (Sounds like a zombie movie premise to me.) The bottom line is you're better off the more labyrinth-like your hiding place is. So take a lesson from Dawn of the Dead, and hunker down in the mall, not in a farmhouse (as in Night of the Living Dead)."


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The Best Approach for Avoiding Zombies

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  • by Bearded Frog ( 1562519 ) on Tuesday September 29, 2009 @04:09PM (#29584875)
    I honestly think a Whaling Ship would be the best possible place to hide. If you can secure the ship it is your best bet. Get far enough out to shore to avoid swimming zombies. You will need a few suplies other then defensive suplies first. Those being fishing equipment, gardening equipment, vegetable seeds of your choosing, and a distilation system. Then convert the ship's deck into a garden for food, and set up the distilation system processing the salt water into drinkable water. Then you have food, and water and even a varied diet (fish and vegetables). Now you ask why a whaling ship? The reason being if it is a zombie world it may be one with zombie animals. You cant rule that out. If this is the case you would want a good defense against zombie whales. However if it is a zombie animal world it does throw out your varied diet as fish will be zombified too. A military ship like a destroyer would be great too but probably harder to obtain.
  • by Isaac-1 ( 233099 ) on Tuesday September 29, 2009 @05:05PM (#29585521)

    I would think a prison/jail would be the best defensive colony option. Give everyone the key to their cell, minimize group gathering. This way when on of the good guys turns into a zombie damage is minimized. The solid exterior doors, tall razor wire topped fences, guard towers, back up generators, air lock like entry systems, etc. are a nice bonus also.

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