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Hawking Expecting To Make Full Recovery 103

explosivejared writes "Yesterday we discussed the medical scare that physicist Stephen Hawking was going through. Happily, his website has posted a succinct statement that he is being kept for observation, but he is comfortable and expecting a full recovery."
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Hawking Expecting To Make Full Recovery

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  • by adpe ( 805723 ) on Tuesday April 21, 2009 @03:06PM (#27665101)
    ... but I admire his skill when it comes to explaing the complicated stuff to the masses. Go Stephen!
  • Rushing to Death (Score:4, Insightful)

    by pleappleappleap ( 1182301 ) on Tuesday April 21, 2009 @03:08PM (#27665127) Homepage

    But still, there's not reason to help death on its rounds...

    I, for one, am glad Professor Hawking is expected to recover.

  • by DoofusOfDeath ( 636671 ) on Tuesday April 21, 2009 @03:54PM (#27665835)

    You didn't hear these people. Their questions were hostile, and pretty fucking dumb.

    So maybe that particular talk brought out an especially dumb sample of Creationists.

    Does this really tell us much about the general population of Creationists vs. the general population of non-Creationists? It's a pretty small sample.

  • by DragonWriter ( 970822 ) on Tuesday April 21, 2009 @03:54PM (#27665843)

    You do realize that there are snide believers in evolution, also...right?

    So? If there weren't snide evolutionists asking questions at the event on which the description was based, the fact that they exist elsewhere is irrelevant. The use of a adjective along with a noun usually suggests that the adjective is adding additional information that is not implicit in the noun, and also usually does not mean that there are no instances where the same adjective would apply to other nouns, even ones that are semantically opposed to the one being used in the present sentence.

    Just being a creationist doesn't make someone "snide".

    If it did, the phrase "snide creationist" would be redundant, so the mere use of the phrase suggests, indeed, that the GP realizes that.

    Not looking for an argument, by any means...just pointing that out. a context in which it is completely irrelevant. If you aren't trolling, exactly what are you doing?

  • Ok, two things (Score:5, Insightful)

    by Weaselmancer ( 533834 ) on Tuesday April 21, 2009 @04:12PM (#27666107)

    Comfortable and expecting to make a full recovery --- As comfortable as a dying man can be I'm sure. Makes me wonder why he'd even want to recover.

    First thing - we're all dying. Right now. Sure, Mr. Hawking has a name for what he's dying from and you don't (yet), but mortality is pretty much a constant. Just because your fate hasn't been given a label yet doesn't mean you don't have one. You do, just like everyone else. Including Mr. Hawking. I hope you're "as comfortable" as you can be too.

    Second thing. Any sick person wants to recover. And that means you too. I guarantee if you were in a similar state you'd want to live just as much as...well, as anyone else. There's more to life than being able to walk around the block. There's art, music, science, math, and a host of other things you don't need a functioning body to enjoy.

    My best friend from college has crippling MS. He's wheelchair bound. And he's one of the craziest and most fun people I've ever known. And at the time had an astonishingly hot girlfriend.

    Life has far bigger parameters than you imply.

  • by daveime ( 1253762 ) on Tuesday April 21, 2009 @06:00PM (#27667781)


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