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NASA Space Science

NASA Releases Video Tour of the ISS 53

Malvineous writes "Expedition 18 Commander Mike Fincke has recently filmed a high-definition 35-minute video tour aboard the International Space Station. For those who missed the HD broadcast on NASA TV, the video is available on YouTube. Due to YouTube length limits, the tour is split into four separate videos. Here are Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4."
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NASA Releases Video Tour of the ISS

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  • by WindBourne ( 631190 ) on Saturday January 24, 2009 @11:35AM (#26588941) Journal
    At that time, the ISS will jump to 6 ppl. It will typically include 2 NASA(America), 2 RSA(Russia), and then the other 2 will be a mix of ESA (EU), CSA(Canada), and JAXA (Japan). At that time, I would like to see the videos of all that is going on. You will have a sardine effect in there. I would not be surprised if one of the countries decides to buy a Bigelow Sundancer in 2010 just to get more space on there. It would be a cheap way to increase the living area and possibly allow new experiments. Say a large centrifuge for testing small life (mice) to varying g's making the ISS really useful?
  • Re:Awesome. (Score:3, Interesting)

    by dotwaffle ( 610149 ) <slashdot AT walster DOT org> on Saturday January 24, 2009 @01:05PM (#26589749) Homepage

    I'd like to add my thanks too - I'm absolutely awestruck by this, I'm incredibly envious of those that get to visit the ISS, and I truly hope that one day we'll get to do the same.

    Humbling, it truly is!

  • by TorKlingberg ( 599697 ) on Saturday January 24, 2009 @02:06PM (#26590325)

    There was supposed to be a Centrifuge Accommodations Module [], but it got canceled.

    I am not so sure you could just buy a Bigelow Sundancer and stick it on. Space stations are quite complicated things. It would need at least power supply, a cooling system and good micro-meteorite protection. There might be problems with the air resistance force balance too. Much easier would be to modify one of the Multi-Purpose Logistics Modules [] for permanent use. They are already made to fit with the ISS.

    That said, there are already I think seven big modules and a few more coming. Six people should be able to fit in there.

  • I agree (Score:3, Interesting)

    by WindBourne ( 631190 ) on Saturday January 24, 2009 @04:25PM (#26591767) Journal
    They should release it on History channel or Discover as well. In fact, I think that the entire space industry could learn a LOT from Musk and SpaceX. Bigelow Aerospace WANTs publicity, but is doing little for it. In particular, they should be releasing information about the progress on the Sundancer including designs. They do not have to release it all. But they need a real following amongst teens and adults up to about age 40. In 5-7 years is when Bigelow is going to come into their own and they NEED the following.

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