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China's First Lunar Satellite Sends Back Pictures 144

Fantastic Lad writes "Chinese leaders hailed images sent back from the country's first lunar satellite on Monday, saying they showed their nation had thrust itself into the front ranks of global technological powers. China plans to launch its third manned rocket, Shenzhou VII, into space in October 2008 and may send an astronaut on a space walk, a Shanghai paper said. But a space official downplayed plans to put a man on the moon."There are no plans at the moment to send anyone on to the moon. I've heard of foreign reports which say China will put a man on the moon by 2020, but I don't know of such a plan," said Sun Laiyan, head of the China National Space Administration. "Please don't give us any more pressure. But I'm confident one day we'll put an astronaut on the moon," he told a news conference."
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China's First Lunar Satellite Sends Back Pictures

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  • by SailorSpork ( 1080153 ) on Monday November 26, 2007 @12:21PM (#21479989) Homepage
    When we put a man on the moon, we were spurred to catch up & beat the USSR's Sputnik, which frankly shocked the crap out of the US. By 1965, Kennedy had ballooned NASA's budget from $500 million to $5.2 billion (or 5.3% of GDP), which meant that about 1 in 19ish US jobs were geared to the moon landing. Our budget as a % of GDP is back down to 0.58% of GDP. [] If we want to do something fast again, we'll need to pump in more money from somewhere.
    Another problem with "going back" is that so many people worked on it that are now old or dead that we have no real working knowledge of how we did it or how to do it again (not to mention the vast tech changes), so we'd be starting over basically from scratch.
  • Re:Confused (Score:4, Informative)

    by Quiet_Desperation ( 858215 ) on Monday November 26, 2007 @01:03PM (#21480585)
    And a successful lander on fricken' Titan. Everyone seems to forget that one, which I personally think kicks the ass of every other space endeavor out there. That was international cooperation at its best: American spacecraft and ESA lander.
  • by WindBourne ( 631190 ) on Monday November 26, 2007 @01:44PM (#21481225) Journal
    The reason is that once out of the earth's gravity well, it is the same diff to get to one place or another (assuming that time does not matter, such as for cargo). OTH, to land on mars, we can use the atmosphere to slow down the craft (via parachutes or even with wings). OTH, the moon will require a FULL LANDER all the way down. Of course, take off is much easier from the moon, but in terms of simply putting something on the surface, mars IS easier.
  • Re:Yes, they are (Score:1, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Monday November 26, 2007 @05:02PM (#21483905)
    Actually you are wrong on several accounts and your post is nothing more than the typical fear mongering and democracy rah rah rah bullshit. If a politician is corrupt in PRC they face capital punishment. Corruption is regularly a topic in newspapers in PRC.

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