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Rising to the "Science Visualization Challenge" 30

ahab_2001 writes "The NSF and the journal Science have announced the 2007 winners of the annual Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge, mounted each year "to encourage cutting-edge efforts to visualize scientific data." There's a write-up of the winners in the journal, and also a slide presentation showcasing the winning images and videos."
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Rising to the "Science Visualization Challenge"

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  • by Lord Satri ( 609291 ) <alexandreleroux&gmail,com> on Sunday September 30, 2007 @11:20AM (#20801599) Homepage Journal
    I've been amazed by the open source visualization project [] and its Vizster [] subproject. My only sadness is it's still beta.

    From the site: "Prefuse supports a rich set of features for data modeling, visualization, and interaction. It provides optimized data structures for tables, graphs, and trees, a host of layout and visual encoding techniques, and support for animation, dynamic queries, integrated search, and database connectivity. Prefuse is written in Java, using the Java 2D graphics library, and is easily integrated into Java Swing applications or web applets. Prefuse is licensed under the terms of a BSD license, and can be freely used for both commercial and non-commercial purposes."
  • Re:Yes, but.. (Score:1, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward on Sunday September 30, 2007 @02:42PM (#20802919)
    It's funny: the more publications and work someone has under their belt, the lower their opinion of Tufte.

    Of course everyone admires him to some extent, but the more accomplished (professional statisticians and authors of graphical papers and software packages) regard him as a crank-who-got-a-lot-of-things-right, as opposed to a genius. Just something to consider - I've not seen a whole lot of (science) work come out of anyone with breathless praise for Tufte.

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