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Sony Developing Gigapixel Satellite Imaging 101

holy_calamity writes "Sony and the University of Alabama are working on a gigapixel resolution camera for improved satellite surveillance. It can see 10-km-square from an altitude of 7.5 kilometres with a resolution better than 50 centimetres per pixel. As well as removing annoying artefacts created by tiling images in Google Earth and similar, it should allow CCTV surveillance of entire cities with one camera. 'The trick is to build an array of light sensitive chips that each record small parts of a larger image and place them at the focal plane of a large multiple-lens system. The camera would have gigapixel resolution, and able to record images at a rate of 4 frames per second. The team suggests that such a camera mounted on an aircraft could provide images of a large city by itself. This would even allow individual vehicles to be monitored without any danger of losing them as they move from one ground level CCTV system to another.'"
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Sony Developing Gigapixel Satellite Imaging

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  • Tin Foil Flat Hat (Score:2, Interesting)

    by garlicbready ( 846542 ) on Thursday September 27, 2007 @04:36PM (#20773959)
    Does anyone remember that scene in the film the 5th element
    with the guy with a flat hat with a square picture on facing upwards

    I wonder what would happen if you walked around the streets with a grey piece of cardboard cello taped to your head
    would this show up on the camera, or would you just blend in with the rest of the pavement?

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