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Space Science

Hayabusa Earth Flyby Swings Toward Asteroid 85

An anonymous reader writes "As the first of its kind to return asteroid samples to Earth, the Japanese Hayabusa mission took pictures this week during its successful Earth flyby. Eventually headed to the asteroid belt, the probe will feature a novel sample collection 'horn' which hops around on the asteroid's surface and lands intermittently for only a second at a time. The samples will be dust clouds fired up from repeated bullet impacts, since the asteroid's low gravity makes it difficult to 'land' on. When faced with a similar problem, the European Rosetta mission alternatively will harpoon the surface to hang on while also touching down on another small-mass asteroid."
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Hayabusa Earth Flyby Swings Toward Asteroid

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  • by fiannaFailMan ( 702447 ) on Friday May 21, 2004 @06:37PM (#9221051) Journal
    The article has an artist's impression [] of Muses-C doing its thing. Takes me back to the old books I used to read that were full of airbrush pictures - artist's impressions of futuristic space missions. There's something inspiring about that style that computer graphics have never been able to replicate.
  • I call BS! (Score:3, Insightful)

    by shakamojo ( 518620 ) on Friday May 21, 2004 @06:59PM (#9221209)
    I know that that image is probably "enhanced" by an artist, but come on! The sun is glaring in the lens, yet the moon and earth are full, meaning the sun would be BEHIND the spacecraft... even if it is artistic license, they should try to make the image a little more realistic, it's still spectacular...

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