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World's First Double-Arm Transplant 36

quakeslut writes "The BBC has the scoop on the first double-arm transplant. Amazingly, after only two weeks or so, the recipient says that it already feels "as if these are my own hands." Please, keep the "give that guy a hand, or two!!" jokes to a minimum."
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World's First Double-Arm Transplant

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  • Re:Sweet (Score:4, Informative)

    by umofomia ( 639418 ) on Saturday March 08, 2003 @08:36PM (#5469368) Journal
    1. Find Bruce Lee's dead corpse.
    I'll tell you how to get there... :)

    Lakeview Cemetery
    1554 15th. Ave. E
    Seattle, WA

    Take the #10 bus from downtown Seattle, you can catch it going west on Madison St., north on 1st Ave, then east on Pike at 4th and 6th, and east at 9th and Pine St. Take this bus to the end of the line, about a 15-20 minute ride. You will pass the cemetery just before the last stop. Enter through the main gate and proceed straight ahead, up the hill. You will see a flag pole to your left,near the top of the hill. The grave is about 50 ft. north and a little east of the flag pole. Look for two 4 ft. side-by-side head stones with a small bench in front of them. Bus service is very frequent on all days except sundays.

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