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Tan With Implants Instead Of Sun 54

WolfWithoutAClause writes: "Trials of a drug called Melanotan that increases the rate of melanin production in the skin is going well, and may be released for human use in 2005. Tan in a capsule! Less skin cancer and skin aging! No more tedious tanning! The ABC News article is here."
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Tan With Implants Instead Of Sun

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  • by Dr.Dubious DDQ ( 11968 ) on Thursday September 05, 2002 @07:15PM (#4203468) Homepage

    Dagnabbit, I was just about to mention this, and somebody's beaten me to it.. :-)

    The drug in question is, as I recall, "Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone", which evidently is showing in trials that it improves libido for both men and women. It seemingly acts in the brain rather than the genitals (and as any marriage/sex councelor should tell you, the brain is the most important sex organ after all) and so works in a completely different way from viagra and such.

    Wonder how hard it is to get hold of stock in this company....whether it's OFFICIALLY released for anything other than a tanning-aid, you just KNOW that the, ahem, "off-label" uses of it will make it awfully popular....

    (I find it hilarious to see increased libido listed as an unwanted side-effect... :-) )

  • by gene_tailor ( 601527 ) on Friday September 06, 2002 @04:52AM (#4205276) Journal
    This story had some media coverage about 5 years ago... For example, here's a Boston Globe bit with some useful details: ories/heal th/how_and_why/101397.htm
    A more recent article which is much better than the lame ABC story is on Wired: elanotan .html
  • Re:Barbie Drug? (Score:2, Informative)

    by Lafe ( 595258 ) on Friday September 06, 2002 @04:41PM (#4209112) Homepage
    Yes, it is. You can find more information here []. Besides the tan and increased libido, other terrible side effects include clearing up acne, and suppressed appetite.

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