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Huge Iceberg Nine Times As Large As Singapore 76

DeadBugs writes: "From CNN and the actual National Ice Center press release, a huge iceberg 2130 square miles in size has broke off of Antartica. Satellite pictures are included at each site. This iceberg is larger than the state of Rhode Island and about the same size as Delaware."
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Huge Iceberg Nine Times As Large As Singapore

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  • Tiddler! (Score:5, Interesting)

    by Account 10 ( 565119 ) on Tuesday March 19, 2002 @12:54AM (#3185334)
    It's only half the size of this one []

  • Go george dubya, go!!!

    • According to the BBC news article mentioned in another post:

      British researchers say the process is entirely natural and is not due to global warming.
    • ten bucks says he threatens to nuke it :)

    • More from indymedia: []

      A renegade iceberg - nine times the size of singapore - has defected from the antarctic republic. The iceberg, believed to hold communist sympathies, is heading directly for washington D.C at a speed of 0.1 knots. Although the motives of the iceberg are not clear, it may be seeking retaliation for President GW Bush's dismissal of the Kyoto agreement. Other sources believe the Iceberg may have recieved funding from Iraq and may be in association with Al Queida. Reports that Ossama bin Laden - having escaped Afghanistan - is Captaining the Iceberg have proved unfounded.
      Although no public statement has been offered by the Whitehouse, inside sources believe that Bush is preparing a full readying of America's nuclear resources in preparation for the incident.

      ALthought the consequences of the Iceberg reaching Washington are difficult to predict, it is thought that it could lead to a major destabalisation of the global Ice Cream market, eventually resulting in huge economic turmoil for Ben & jerry's ice cream.

      • ALthought the consequences of the Iceberg reaching Washington are difficult to predict, it is thought that it could lead to a major destabalisation of the global Ice Cream market, eventually resulting in huge economic turmoil for Ben & jerry's ice cream.

        I bet there isn't alot of cookie dough in the iceberg though.
      • That was pretty funny..

        But I went to check out indymedia afterwards. I was shocked by how much anti-semetic crap was there - is that normal for the site? I hope my impression is wrong...
        • That was pretty funny..

          ta. just cant help myself...

          Aaah - Indymedia. I just posted with a link to suck people in a bit. Indymedia seemed the most suitable silly news organisation to link it to!

          Being honest, indymedia can be ok. It is one of the most bias news organisations I know of (contrary to their mission statement), but it is quite nice in the way the bias is opposite to most conventional news agencies. It does have the occasional really insightful news story, that gets completely ignored by Western media. The "open system" of news reporting means that quality varies considerably, but it is pretty idealistic.

          Incedently, it is a sister site for
          Go there if you wanna check out some angry young rebels!

          And about the anti-semitism: That is fairly recent. A little matter in Israel/Palestine I do believe. The anti-semitism is quite understandable. It does look like the Israelis are going to start building ovens soon.....
    • The proposed average 36 MPG rating for cars was soundly defeated, 62-38, in the Senate []

      Expect W. to announce a carefully thoughtout plan, endorsed by nameless private industry advisors to VP Cheney, to offset this environmental calamity by drilling for more oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, "We've got to offset the threat to penguins with an equal threat to artic wildlife." While dismissing accusations the company pressured Dell not to offer Linux on systems, Microsoft will underscore why penguins are a threat and this is a good thing.

  • Nice units (Score:3, Funny)

    by global_diffusion ( 540737 ) on Tuesday March 19, 2002 @01:50AM (#3185517) Homepage
    It's nice that the media releases news stories with units that real, everyday people can refer to, like the size of Singapore.
  • Deleware (Score:3, Funny)

    by Veramocor ( 262800 ) on Tuesday March 19, 2002 @02:01AM (#3185544)
    "......the same size as Delaware."

    But does it have more interesting attractions than delaware?

    Lisa gushes, "I want to see Wilmington." Bart adds, "I want to visit a screen door factory." Marge replies, "Yup, Delaware has got it all."

  • When I read this article, I strangely envisaged Mr. Bush, president of the American Country, getting Americans to try to weld it back on...

    Strange the way the mind works when it's 6AM, you've been up all night and you've just spent the past 3 hours arguing quantum physics on IRC, earning lifetime bans on all major channels. o_0

    • There is no "American Country", there is an American continent, with several countries on it. The people living in any of these countries could be called "American" the same way you could be called "European". However, your country is not called "Europe".

      The country is called the United States of America. We are U.S. citizens. Unfortunately theres no "ican", "ean" or "ese" word for us...

      USean? USican? USese? ..

      DISCLAIMER: My corrections on the term "American" are in no
      way endorsing or patriotic of the U.S., in fact the purpose is more
      for the integrity of the the other countries on this continent.
      • I knew that before I posted, and in fact I always tell people the exact same thing, but I had to type that message in the 37 seconds I had left and I couldn't think of a better way to phrase it in that time. Thanks for correcting me, BTW, cause I didn't have the time to ;)
  • iceberg FAQ (Score:4, Informative)

    by LordSah ( 185088 ) on Tuesday March 19, 2002 @02:17AM (#3185584)
    Curious to learn more about icebergs, I found this nifty FAQ []. Figured I'd share.
    • Re:iceberg FAQ (Score:4, Insightful)

      by LordSah ( 185088 ) on Tuesday March 19, 2002 @02:29AM (#3185608)
      The Coast Guard has done some experiments on breaking ice bergs up, and apparently [quote]:

      a 1,000 lb charge of TNT would be needed to break up approximately 70,000 cubic ft of ice (1,960 tons) and a hundred such charges would be needed for the destruction of an average berg. Furthermore, to melt a medium size berg of 100,000 tons would require the complete theoretical heat of combustion of 2.4 million gallons of gasoline. Such methods are, of course, economically, as well as practically unsound.
  • ...I wanna make sno-cones. Forever.
  • Wait until T'leth rises from the Carribean. Terror attacks and Deep Ones and Aquatoids... oh brotha! (Does anyone know what I am talking about?)
    • (Does anyone know what I am talking about?)

      [raises hand] oh oh! I do! I do!
      XCOM was a great game. They don't make em like that anymore.

      And since you seem to like OT XCOM jokes here's another one for you:
      I recently heard on the news that the US had captured an Al Queda leader. I immediately thought "cool, now we can research the Martian solution"
  • by pedro ( 1613 ) on Tuesday March 19, 2002 @03:48AM (#3185762)
    We have a POLAR CONTINENT...
    With huge thermal differentials across its' surface due to it being on a spherical planet and.. stuff.
    Why is this surprising? It's a natural outward flow of material from the Pole (where it accretes) to the edge (where all that H2O gets recycled).
    Sometimes bergs are big. Sometimes small.
    Always constant, though.
    Stuff happens!
  • With recent events involving Asia and Europe, tensions have been increasings between the nations of France and India, Italy and Singapore. Using connections in Antarctica, the Italians have been able to launch a tactical iceberg, with the purpose of showing the Singaporians up.

    This isn't the first time the Italians have done something mean and evil -- just look at them during WW2! And how they keep trying to steal Arctic Circle Candy. Don't trust Italians!
  • Maybe the Titanic can hit this one head on instead of just grazing it like last time
  • by alex.shultz ( 29853 ) on Tuesday March 19, 2002 @02:48PM (#3188984)
    I can't help thinking that this is some kind of promotional thing for Fox's _Ice Age_. It happened about the same time as the movie was released, right? Has anybody gotten a good close look at the satellite photo? I'm pretty sure I can see "ICE AGE - COMING TO A THEATER NEAR YOU" carved in to the ice.

    I think the facts are overwhelming here. I'd better go put on my tinfoil hat or they'll start stealing thoughts from my brain again.

    It would almost make those high movie ticket prices worthwhile if the studios would do cool stuff like this. Plus it would provide for scienterifically interesting things to study.
  • Redundancy (Score:3, Funny)

    by ( 114827 ) <> on Tuesday March 19, 2002 @03:38PM (#3189316) Homepage
    This iceberg is larger than the state of Rhode Island and about the same size as Delaware.

    Or, since we all know that Delaware is bigger than Rhode Island, you could just have said it's about the size of Delaware.

    That is, unless you wanted to start a list of things that it's bigger than.

    • Rhode Island
    • Albany, NY
    • The park down the street from my house
    • A bread box

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