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Space Science

NASA Plans On Bringing Back Martian Rocks 184

FortKnox writes: "In this Y! article, NASA is planning on sending a robotic mission to Mars in an attempt to bring back Martian stuff (rocks, soil, etc...). Looks like its a tough mission to plan for; they are calling it 'Apollo without the astronauts.'" I would like to go to Mars in person, but if they're spending my money already, I'd like them to please use robots for a while.
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NASA Plans On Bringing Back Martian Rocks

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  • by psych031337 ( 449156 ) <> on Monday October 01, 2001 @06:09PM (#2375894)
    So it's going to be an unmanned mission.

    Just wondering who is going to sign the ever-present forms then. Look at and tell me the bureaucrats will let them get away with just a single form today.

    I doubt it...
  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday October 01, 2001 @06:32PM (#2376002)
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  • by cvd6262 ( 180823 ) on Tuesday October 02, 2001 @12:56AM (#2377064)
    On a more serious note it would be neat to have hobbyists designing bots for mars on a competitive level to see who can come up with the most efficent/reliable/lightweight etc design. The guys at NASA have great ideas and implementations - but I think that the bazzar vs cathedral idea could help here.

    How about a manned mission, but instead if NASA, we can get CBS to do a reality-based series about it, like Survivor III. Tagline: "You thought a desert island and the Aussie Outback were rough, you haven't seen anything until we dump our castaways on Olympus Mons!"

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