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1st Cup Of Coffee: Hardening Your Arteries 304

mikewhittaker writes "A recent article on The Times refer to a report which indicates that the intake of caffeine from a single coffee can have adverse effects on your arteries and heart." Actually, it goes so far to say that the first cup of coffee is the worst. Of course, basically, anything you do is bad for at some level, so I guess it's choosing your poisons.
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1st Cup Of Coffee: Hardening Your Arteries

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  • by RobertFisher ( 21116 ) on Wednesday September 05, 2001 @07:53PM (#2257893) Homepage Journal
    If you actually read this article, the study only confirms that for a few hours after consuming a cup of coffee, your heart is placed under more stress. In and of itself, this does not appear to be very significant. Any vigorous physical activity will also raise your heartrate, constrict your arteries, and put your heart under more stress. It says NOTHING about long-term health consequences, which is really the main issue here.

    I recall reading several years ago that at that time, the long-term health consequences of coffee were unclear. Some adverse affects were sometimes suggested in studies, but it turns out there are tremendous confounding factors -- coffee drinkers often tend to eat lots of donuts, be less active, and so on. When the initial population of patient participants was selected as healthy health care professionals, little or no adverse affects were observed for moderate (up to a couple of cups a day) intakes of coffee.

  • by Spacelem ( 189863 ) on Wednesday September 05, 2001 @08:07PM (#2257947)
    Alright - I'll admit that I'm hopelessly addicted to caffeine. I take it in all forms, normal coffee (three heaped spoonfuls), espresso (the same), tea (brewed for at least 3 minutes) and last but not least Irn-Bru.

    I don't think Irn-Bru is available in America, but in Scotland, it's our unofficial national beverage. Plus, it's also got more caffeine in it than any other fizzy drink. I drink this stuff by the bottle load, normally accompanied by my friends when we're watching a DVD, playing Quake, or just cos I'm desperate for another glass.

    It's freakin' typical that my favourite drinks all turn out to be lethal.
  • by Dan Jagnow ( 181761 ) on Thursday September 06, 2001 @01:00AM (#2258645)

    Enter a tall, thin chap in a black cloak and bearing a huge white feather, who sets about banishing you to the IPT.

    For those of you who don't have children, the IPT reference is to the Island of Perpetual Tickling. To understand it, you need to watch VeggieTales. They're great! The particular reference is to [bigidea.com]

  • Re:Glad I switched! (Score:2, Informative)

    by hanwen ( 8589 ) on Thursday September 06, 2001 @05:07AM (#2259047) Homepage Journal
    Actually, espresso is healthier!

    Actually, coffee beans contain one the most cholesterol-raising chemicals known to man. It is a fatty substance which is normally trapped in the paper filter. Unfiltered coffee, especially hose made under pressure (espresso) contains these chemicals raising cholesterol levels. See here [mercola.com] for example.

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