Where can I get Slashdot's main feed?

The syndication feed for the Slashdot front page is available in

What other feeds are available?

On most pages, if there is feed content available, it will be noted in the <HEAD> of the page.

Wherever you see rss below, you can also substitute with atom to get an Atom 1.0 feed, such as content_type=atom and journal/atom, or append atom to the end of the rss.slashdot.org URLs, like slashdotGamesatom (although some feeds, like Zoo and some search results, need some more work for Atom).

Where you see $username below, substitute the URI-encoded username of the user in question (such as Clifton+Wood).

Where you see $logtoken, you must include a token so the server knows you're you, in lieu of a cookie, as most newsreaders can't handle cookies well (you can find it in the <HEAD> of the page, if you're a logged in, and a subscriber). NOTE: your logtoken is subject to change when you log out or change your login preferences. See the Accounts FAQ for more information.

How do I set up a custom feed?

Use the filter field to sort for whatever type of content you like. On the section menu, you'll see an "untitled" section, which you can use to save those settings. Once that's done, hitting the edit button again will bring up an RSS icon, which you can use to subscribe to the custom feed.

My RSS headline reader says I was banned!

Our policy is to allow one request every 30 minutes. We'll allow a few more before you'll get banned, and we are more flexible still with proxy servers. You should still be able to access the rest of the site, just not the .rss, .rdf, and .xml pages.

If you're still banned after 72 hours, please email banned@slashdot.org for help. Include the approximate time of the ban, the srcid hex string from the ban message, and what you think your IP number is. If you're connecting through a proxy server (or think you might be), please mention that, too; you might need the proxy server's admin to contact us.