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Data Visualization: Key Routes and Communities In London's Bike Rental Network 9

Posted by timothy
from the ebbs-and-flows dept.
An anonymous reader writes to this article about a series of visualizations built from London bike rental data. "My favourite is the second map, it shows the main routes that exist between rental areas, coloured according to the local communities that exist in the network. So you can see the major flows of bike traffic within the city, which are mostly between major railway stations and work destinations. You can also see how the different local networks relate to each other — Hyde Park is its own little world, for example, while the networks around Kings Cross, Waterloo, and Liverpool Street are far more interconnected." (Several more just-as-interesting maps here, too. Wish every city had an interface to this kind of data, would make interesting reading for visitors as well as for locals.)
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Data Visualization: Key Routes and Communities In London's Bike Rental Network

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  • Strava heat map (Score:5, Informative)

    by hawguy (1600213) on Sunday March 09, 2014 @12:48PM (#46440183)

    Here's something similar that covers more areas... a heat map of Strava rides: []

    • that Strava heat map is leaking personal data because the riders are not starting their segments away from their homes. There's been several thefts now from locked garages of expensive bikes and the strava heat trail led directly to the house...
    • by Alioth (221270)

      That's quite surprising. The UK is absolutely plastered with rides, but France not so much. I thought it would be the other way around, I've always thought of the French being much more cycle friendly (the UK seems very cycle hostile most of the time).

      • by Mikkeles (698461)

        Maybe they are not so commonly stupid (or self-absorbed) as to post their bike trips on the inter-webs.

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