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Space Transportation Science Technology

Launch Escape System To Be Tested For Apollo-Like Capsule In the Baltic Sea 42

Posted by timothy
from the launch-scrub-til-søndag dept.
An anonymous reader writes "The Danish amateur rocket group Copenhagen Suborbitals are readying to test their Launch Escape System for the Tycho Deep Space capsule in the Baltic Sea east of the island Bornholm Sunday 12th August. Live coverage can be found at rocketfriends.org, livestream.com, Wired's Rocket Shop and raketvenner.dk. Live transmissions are expected from 8 am localtime (UTC+2). Live transmissions, audio commentary as well as VHF audio are expected to be available. The Tycho Deep Space is the intended capsule for a later planned suborbital shoot to the edge of Space led by Peter Madsen and Christian von Bengtson."
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Launch Escape System To Be Tested For Apollo-Like Capsule In the Baltic Sea

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