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The Titanic In 3-D 88

crimeandpunishment writes "A scientific expedition to the Titanic will create a detailed three-dimensional map of the world's most famous shipwreck. A 'dream team' of archaeologists, oceanographers, and other scientists will spend 20 days assessing the legendary ship's deteriorating condition, and collecting data and images. They're calling it the most advanced scientific mission to Titanic since its discovery 25 years ago. A leader of the expedition says this is the first time the wreck will be treated as an archaeological site, with two goals: 'One is to preserve the legacy of the ship by enhancing the story of the Titanic itself. The second part is to really understand what the state of the ship is.'"
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The Titanic In 3-D

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  • by The MAZZTer (911996) <{megazzt} {at} {gmail.com}> on Tuesday July 27, 2010 @04:23PM (#33050916) Homepage

    "The second part is to really understand what the state of the ship is."

    Oh I can help with that. "Sunk."

  • Also found (Score:3, Funny)

    by mark72005 (1233572) on Tuesday July 27, 2010 @04:26PM (#33050938)
    Let us know if you find the wreckage of Windows Mobile down there!
  • Wasn't this (Score:1, Funny)

    by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday July 27, 2010 @04:44PM (#33051102)

    done back in 1996 for an INTERACTIVE MULTIMEDIA CD-ROM TITLE where you can dive into the titanic virtually with your Pentium(R) Processor enhanced for Windows 95?

  • by BJ_Covert_Action (1499847) on Tuesday July 27, 2010 @04:44PM (#33051104) Homepage Journal
    Who says they aren't? But that will come in another press announcement that will also include the information that the sequel is going to be produced by Michael Bay. Only this time, instead of an ice berg sinking the Titanic, it will be an experimental submarine with tactical nuke torpedoes! And instead of Leo Di Caprio falling in love, we will be treated to a lead role as performed by Bruce Willis! And instead of falling in love with a rich girl, he will uncover a secret plot where the captain plans to steal the ship and turn it over to the Russians to cement their naval dominance of the Black Sea. Of course, Bruce will only be able to challenge the captain, as played by Kevin Spacey, with the aid of his lithe but sassy sidekick Lucy Liu! The whole thing will be so epic that the only way Bruce and Lucy can escape is on the back of sharks with friggin' laser beams attached to their foreheads. Avatar look out! Titanic in 3-D is making a run at your box office records!
  • by God'sDuck (837829) on Tuesday July 27, 2010 @04:52PM (#33051172)

    Hmm...putting a huge but shoddily built seagoing vessel with insufficient safeguards in a place where its sinking could kill people and traumatize a nation after being accidentally subjected to sudden pressure coming from a great and frigid depth...who could bp so foolish as to repeat this mistake in this modern age?

  • by gmhowell (26755) <gmhowell@gmail.com> on Tuesday July 27, 2010 @05:40PM (#33051574) Homepage Journal

    you'll also get to experience Kate Winslet's 30' tall boobs nestled in your lap.

    I'm gonna start waiting for tickets right now. Excuse me.

  • by tehcyder (746570) on Wednesday July 28, 2010 @09:26AM (#33056164) Journal

    The problem was that it wasn't carrying enough life boats. This was a regulatory problem (although you could argue that this shouldn't need regulation, it was just common sense!).

    No, no, the free market corrected this by itself! Not many of the original passengers chose to go on a ship again.