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Moon Space Science

Communication Lost With Indian Moon Satellite 186

Posted by timothy
from the that's-a-shame dept.
stoolpigeon writes "All communication links with the only Indian satellite orbiting the Moon have been lost, India's space agency says. Radio contact with the Chandrayaan-1 spacecraft was lost abruptly early on Saturday, said India's Bangalore-based Space Research Organization (ISRO)."
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Communication Lost With Indian Moon Satellite

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  • by girlintraining (1395911) on Saturday August 29, 2009 @05:45PM (#29246825)

    Be that as it may, many are turning against non sequitur pop culture quotations as humor; xkcd 307 is a particularly relevant example.

    They're doing it because they don't like being left out when average people quote movies and television series they haven't seen. I learned a long time ago that appearing to be smart and intellectual all the time comes at a cost to my social life -- it's better to keep my education and intelligence "in my pocket" as it were. If that means knowing a few facts about the current mix of reality TV shows, and picking up a celebrity gossip magazine here and there, so be it. It just means that I have plans friday night while my geek friends sit at home grinding on World of Warcraft.

  • by QuoteMstr (55051) <dan.colascione@gmail.com> on Saturday August 29, 2009 @06:42PM (#29247263)

    Orbiting the moon is a lot harder than orbiting the earth. The moon's gravitational field is exceptionally lumpy [wikipedia.org] because of concentrations of mass beneath the surface. If not actively corrected for, these mass concentrations will make a satellite's orbit go through increasingly violent gyrations until it eventually intersects with the surface.

    I wonder if this is what happened to the Indian probe.

  • Re:Go India! (Score:3, Interesting)

    by winwar (114053) on Saturday August 29, 2009 @08:31PM (#29247959)

    "What's strange about the Western media ignoring the enormous positive achievements of anyone..."

    There. Fixed it for you.

    News: We did it, allies did it (maybe), perceived threat did it (China, Russia, etc.)

    Not News: Pretty much anybody else.

  • Re:They can find it (Score:1, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward on Saturday August 29, 2009 @11:53PM (#29248977)
    oh god you forgot your medication again. Are you going to be roaming here for a while? ok ok thats fine I'm not gonna hurt you, im not gonna hurt you, im not gonna hurt you, (mf soab)... time to visit my /b/tards

    also FUCK YOU!!!!!!111111iiiieno
  • Wtf BBC? Seriously? (Score:5, Interesting)

    by baboonlogic (989195) <anshul@@@baboonlogic...com> on Sunday August 30, 2009 @12:09AM (#29249061) Homepage

    Some critics regard the space programme as a waste of resources in a country where millions still lack basic services.

    Seriously BBC... wtf is up with that? India is a trillion dollar economy and this was 75 million usd project. Can I say chump change? For some context, India recently announced a really stupid 30 billion usd national id scheme [wikipedia.org]. While reporting that, you [bbc.co.uk] did not care to mention India's millions that lack basic services. Why do you hate India and real scientific progress so much?

  • by jchandra (15040) on Sunday August 30, 2009 @12:52AM (#29249241) Homepage

    Some critics regard BBC as a waste of resources in a country where millions lack basic services.

    India may be lying in the gutter, but at least they are looking up, and working hard on getting out.

  • by thrawn_aj (1073100) on Sunday August 30, 2009 @03:25AM (#29249833)

    Blessed Ganesha, it's full of cows!

    Nicely done (and in good taste too :)). Pity you're all alone in a sea of mediocre pseudo-wits :(.

    I'm not offended as an Indian (by the over-abused and lame tech support jokes that litter the desolate landscape of this thread); I'm offended as a connoisseur of good comedy . Seriously dudes (who-probably-lost-their-jobs-to-outsourcing-and-are-surprisingly-hard-to-feel-sympathy-for-at-this-particular-moment), that meme is about as funny as the one about Soviet Russia or even *shudder* sharks with lasers. It is scary that Fark is so much better at meme-based humor than the supposedly godlike nerds that inhabit this realm.

  • Congrats India! (Score:2, Interesting)

    by herojig (1625143) on Sunday August 30, 2009 @04:10AM (#29249977) Homepage

    What an achievement for a country where you can't use your credit card in most places, and where Banks don't even have reliable phone service. Reminds of the time I enfielded from Delhi to Gaya and in the middle of a tea stop a white-robed local came up to me shouting angrily in Hindi and broken English, "India is Great! India is Great!" I responded by buying him a cup, and that seemed to calm him down after I halfheartedly agreed with him, but now I wish now I had the stats on Chandrayaan-1 and perhaps some print outs of the photos sent back. Congrats to the Bangalore team!

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