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Space Technology

Stardust@Home Lets Public Search Grains of Dust 87

Posted by ScuttleMonkey
from the bad-excuses-to-get-out-of-a-date dept.
An anonymous reader writes "In a new project called Stardust@home, UC Berkeley researchers are inviting Internet users to help them search for a few dozen submicroscopic grains of interstellar dust captured by NASA's Stardust spacecraft. Rather than relying on the user's spare PC cycles, though, the system depends on their eyes." From the article: "Though Stardust's main mission was to capture dust from the tail of comet Wild 2 - dust dating from the origins of the solar system some 4.5 billion years ago - it also captured a sprinkling of dust from distant stars, perhaps created in supernova explosions less than 10 million years ago."
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Stardust@Home Lets Public Search Grains of Dust

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