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Tuesday October 02, 2012 @01:14PM $1 Billion Mission To Reach the Earth's Mantle
Tuesday June 05, 2012 @05:37PM Space Shuttle Collides With Bridge In New York
Monday December 19, 2011 @03:46PM Is Jupiter Dissolving Its Rocky Core?
Thursday March 24, 2011 @02:46PM Journey To the Mantle of the Earth By 2020
Tuesday February 22, 2011 @02:44PM Earth's Inner Core Rotation Slower Than Estimated
Friday December 17, 2010 @10:11PM First Measurement of Magnetic Field In Earth's Core
Monday February 08, 2010 @06:07PM New Material Transforms Car Bodies Into Batteries
Tuesday December 29, 2009 @10:56AM North Magnetic Pole Moving East Due To Core Flux
Wednesday November 04, 2009 @01:59AM Possible Dark Matter Signs At the Core
Wednesday June 24, 2009 @11:48PM Google Funding the Next Big One?
Thursday December 18, 2008 @09:06PM Scientists Find Hole In Earth's Magnetic Field
Monday December 08, 2008 @06:38AM This Is the Way the World Ends
Tuesday August 26, 2008 @12:38AM the Core
Monday June 02, 2008 @11:34AM Building a Miniature Magnetic Earth
Monday January 28, 2008 @07:16PM Geologists Claim Earth May Be Softer Around The Middle Than Previously Thought
Friday October 05, 2007 @08:34AM 2.5 Mile Deep Hole Drilled Into San Andreas Fault
Friday September 28, 2007 @11:31PM Bird's-Eye View May Include Magnetic Fields
Sunday March 04, 2007 @08:00PM Ocean Floor Crust Wound to Be Explored