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Friday January 08, 2016 @09:46PM Lenovo To Build Google's First Project Tango Phone
Friday December 11, 2015 @09:42PM Lenovo ThinkPad Stack, a New Take On Modular Mobile Peripherals
Tuesday September 01, 2015 @12:28PM Smartphone Malware Planted In Popular Apps Pre-sale
Saturday August 22, 2015 @03:23AM Yet Another Compromising Preinstalled "Glitch" In Lenovo Laptops
Thursday July 16, 2015 @07:09AM Lenovo ThinkPad W550s: Heavy, But a Battery That Lasts Nearly All Day
Friday July 10, 2015 @06:31PM Lenovo Will Sell Ubuntu Laptops In India
Tuesday July 07, 2015 @01:38PM Two-Pounder From Lenovo Might Be Too Light For Comfort
Friday June 26, 2015 @09:18AM Lenovo Could Remake the ThinkPad X300 With Current Technologies
Tuesday March 17, 2015 @08:29AM Tested: Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Update W/ Intel Broadwell, Self-Encrypting SSD
Sunday March 08, 2015 @09:39AM Lenovo Still Shipping Laptops With Superfish
Sunday February 22, 2015 @06:36PM Ars: SSL-Busting Code That Threatened Lenovo Users Found In a Dozen More Apps
Friday February 20, 2015 @08:02PM Lenovo To Wipe Superfish Off PCs
Friday February 20, 2015 @07:57PM Homeland Security Urges Lenovo Customers To Remove Superfish
Thursday February 19, 2015 @03:24PM Superfish Security Certificate Password Cracked, Creating New Attack Vector
Thursday February 19, 2015 @09:48AM Lenovo Allegedly Installing "Superfish" Proxy Adware On New Computers
Thursday January 29, 2015 @06:41PM FSF-Endorsed Libreboot X200 Laptop Comes With Intel's AMT Removed
Thursday October 30, 2014 @08:23AM Lenovo Completes Motorola Deal
Saturday August 16, 2014 @03:25AM Not Just For ThinkPads Anymore: Lenovo Gets OK To Buy IBM Server Line
Tuesday July 22, 2014 @08:26AM Lenovo Halts Sales of Small-Screen Windows 8.1 Tablets Due To "Lack of Interest"
Thursday January 23, 2014 @09:46AM Lenovo To Buy IBM's Server Business For $2.3 Billion
Wednesday October 30, 2013 @05:28PM Lenovo Want Ashton Kutcher As More Than Just a Pretty Face
Thursday October 10, 2013 @10:39AM Lenovo Shows Android Laptop In Leaked User Manuals
Monday July 29, 2013 @01:36PM Several Western Govts. Ban Lenovo Equipment From Sensitive Networks
Thursday June 06, 2013 @09:10AM Lenovo Announces Grand Opening of US Manufacturing Facility
Friday April 19, 2013 @06:15PM IBM In Talks To Sell x86 Server Business To Lenovo
Tuesday August 21, 2012 @08:33AM The ThinkPad Goes Ultrabook — ThinkPad X1 Carbon Tested
Tuesday February 07, 2012 @09:15AM Lenovo Ordered To Refund 'Microsoft Tax'
Saturday January 07, 2012 @03:27AM NetApp, Lenovo Raise Prices, Citing Thailand Flooding Effects
Sunday March 27, 2011 @09:24PM Ask Slashdot: How Do You Choose a Windows Laptop?
Thursday May 13, 2010 @02:36PM Pointing Stick Keyboard Roundup
Friday February 12, 2010 @06:20PM IdeaPad U1, What We Wanted the iPad To Be
Friday January 15, 2010 @09:31AM Does Your PC Really Need a SysRq Button Anymore?
Sunday December 24, 2006 @02:09PM Thinkpad X60 — the Tablet Goes Ultraportable
Thursday June 08, 2006 @10:55PM Lenovo Backtracks on Linux Support Statement
Monday June 05, 2006 @07:05AM Lenovo To Shun Linux
Sunday June 04, 2006 @03:40AM US Government Fears China Bugs Lenovo PCs
Friday May 19, 2006 @01:09PM Lenovo Banned by U.S. State Department
Monday April 17, 2006 @07:53PM Lenovo & Customer Perception