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Tuesday February 14, 2017 @05:04PM Scientists Propose Plan To Re-Freeze the Arctic
Wednesday December 21, 2016 @03:50PM Obama Blocks Offshore Drilling In Atlantic, Arctic Areas
Monday November 21, 2016 @03:37PM Sea Ice In Arctic and Antarctic Is At Record Low Levels This Year
Thursday November 03, 2016 @04:45PM Study Links Human Actions To Specific Arctic Ice Melt
Saturday October 15, 2016 @07:48PM Greenland Is Very Mad About the Toxic Waste the US Left Buried Under Its Ice
Monday September 19, 2016 @06:49PM NASA: Arctic Sea Ice 2nd-Lowest On Record
Friday January 15, 2016 @08:46PM Grisly Find Suggests Humans Inhabited Arctic 45,000 Years Ago
Tuesday December 16, 2014 @10:19AM Denmark Makes Claim To North Pole, Based On Undersea Geography
Friday May 23, 2014 @03:51PM Trillions of Plastic Pieces May Be Trapped In Arctic Ice
Sunday September 22, 2013 @07:28PM Arctic Ice Extent Tops 2012's, But Is 6th Lowest In History
Sunday September 08, 2013 @11:13PM Arctic Ice Cap Rebounds From 2012 — But Does That Matter?
Sunday August 26, 2012 @05:56PM Arctic Sea Ice Hits Record Low Extent
Sunday August 14, 2011 @05:32PM UN Climate Report Fails To Capture Arctic Ice: MIT
Saturday June 04, 2011 @01:08AM Rare Midnight Solar Eclipse Caught In the Arctic
Saturday August 14, 2010 @10:58AM 100-year-old Scotch pulled from frozen crate - Yah
Saturday August 07, 2010 @04:39PM 100-Sq.-Mile Ice Island Breaks Off Greenland Glacier
Wednesday July 14, 2010 @12:16PM Arctic Bacteria Used To Make Cool Vaccines
Friday March 05, 2010 @07:48PM The Arctic Is Leaking Methane
Wednesday January 17, 2007 @01:27AM Global Warming Exposes New Islands in the Arctic