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Submission + - Black Holes From The LHC Could Last For Minutes (arxivblog.com) 1

KentuckyFC writes: "There is absolutely, positively, definitely no chance of the LHC destroying the planet when it eventually switches on some time later this year. And yet a few niggling doubts are persuading some scientists to run through their figures again. One potential method of destruction is that the LHC will create tiny black holes that could swallow everything in their path including the planet. Various scientists have said this will not happen because the black holes would decay before they could do any damage. But physcists who have re-run the calculations now say that the mini black holes produced by the LHC could last for seconds, possibly minutes. Of course, the real question is whether they decay faster than they can grow. The new calculations suggest that the decay mechanism should win over and that the catastrophic growth of a black hole from the LHC "does not seem possible" (abstract). But shouldn't we require better assurance than this?"
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Black Holes From The LHC Could Last For Minutes

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  • A black hole is just the gravity well of a given mass compressed into a sufficiently small space. In this case, the given mass is miniscule, so very little (practically nothing, hence the "evaporation" issue) will be drawn to it.

    You have more to worry about with the gravitational pull of your shoes.

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