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Submission + - Spaceport America Gets FAA License (

DynaSoar writes: "According to the Las Cruces Sun-News (as recounted by Personal Spaceflight ) Spaceport America received an early and double holiday gift this week. First, the expected (positive) FAA environmental impact report, and second, the hoped for but not immediately expected "launch site operator's license". With this license, and with the previously accomplished creation of a tax district, two of three pieces required by the New Mexico legislature to receive its funding package are in place. The third, a lease with a space services tenant to use the facility, may come this week also, in the form of a contract with Virgin Galactic. While timing is impossible to predict when it comes to Sir Richard and The Rutan Clan, the contract is a virtual certainty. The New Mexico Spaceport Authority fully expects it, and so has projected late 2010 for completion of hangar and terminal facilities. Virgin Galactic also seems confident, as they have already screened and submitted their first 100 customers (called the Virgin Galactic Founders) to their contracted medical and training supervisor Wyle and is busy screening their second 100 "spaceflight participants" (NASA and RKA having decided that only those who can tack "career" on the front of it deserve to be called "astronauts" )."
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Spaceport America Gets FAA License

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