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Submission + - Scientists extend lifespan of mice by 24-46% (

cybergenesis2008 writes: "Scientists have discovered a potential universal mechanism of aging. Further the scientists decided to see if they could manipulate the mechanism to increase the lifespan of mice. Impressively, they were able to extend the mice lifespan by 24-46%.

This is one of several interesting studies where scientists have had success extending the lifespan of various organisms. In another experiment scientists were able to extend the lifespan of yeast by an incredible 600%. Are we on the verge of being able to significantly reduce or even reverse the aging process in humans? It is starting to seem quite feasible than within the next decade the average human lifespan may be able to be extended to at least 100 years, assuming of course that such advances are accepted and effectively utilized by the populace.

What are your views on this seemingly incredible area of science? Could most of us on here be living a lot longer than we might have expected?"

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Scientists extend lifespan of mice by 24-46%

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