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Submission + - Resisting the PGP whole disk encryption craze? ( 1

alaederach writes: "I run a lab in a non-profit academic life sciences research institute. Our IT recently decided it would be a good idea to use PGP whole disk encryption on all of our computers, laptops and servers and picked PGP's suite of software. The main reason is that a small subset of our researchers work with patient information which we obviously are mandated to keep confidential. My lab does a lot of high-performance computational work (on genes from Tetrahymena, no humans here) and I am concerned that the overhead of complying with our ITs new security policy will be quite detrimental to my research program. For example, dynamically reallocating a partition on a PGP encrypted disk is apparently not possible. Furthermore, there is some evidence that certain forms of compression are also incompatible with PGP whole disk encryption. Interestingly, it is hard to find any negative articles on PGP, probably because most of them are written by IT pros who are only focused on the security, and not usability. I therefore ask the Slashdot community, what are the disadvantages of PGP in terms of performance, Linux, and high-performacne computational research?"
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Resisting the PGP whole disk encryption craze?

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  • Hey, I can't help you with your question as I know very little about encryption myself. But I do have my own question. Recently my boss (who works off a laptop) has asked me about encrypting a single partition on his XP laptop. He doesn't want to encrypt everything out of fear of the performace hit. Can anybody recommend a good solution for single partition encryption? Thanks, Mike

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