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Submission + - First X-ray Diffraction Image of a Single Virus (

KentuckyFC writes: "X-ray crystallography has been a workhorse for chemists since the 1940s and 50s, revealing the 3D structure of complex biological molecules such as haemoglobin, DNA and insulin. But the technique has a severe limitation: it only works with molecules that form into crystals and that turns out to be a tiny fraction of the proteins that make up living things. But today, a team of US researchers say they have created the first image of a single uncrystalised virus using x-ray diffraction. The trick is to take a diffraction pattern of the virus and then substract the diffraction pattern of its surroundings (abstract). The breakthrough paves the way for scientists to start teasing apart the 3D structures of the many proteins that have eluded biologists to date."
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First X-ray Diffraction Image of a Single Virus

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