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Submission + - California cracks down on genetic testing 1

genie-out-of-the-bottle writes: California's Department of Public Health sent cease-and-desist notices to 13 companies that market genetic testing directly to consumers. Slashdot covered launch of these services here and here. Allegedly, under state law, California residents must submit a doctor's order to have a genetic test run. It will be interesting to see if the government will actually succeed in putting the genetic genie back in the bottle provided all you need for testing is a few drops of saliva. Given the availability of the technology this closely resembles US government efforts to block export of strong encryption product back in 90s. How far they are willing to push it this time is yet to be seen.
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California cracks down on genetic testing

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  • Like the associated article posted regarding one's DNA being one's business, and not the governments, this will be very interesting to see how the public responds. Can a Californian visit folks on the East Coast, order a test, get the results back, and be arrested? Can the companies be sued and/or shut down if they offer tests to folks who might be legal residents of California but order the tests in another jurisdiction?

    What happens if you go to your Doctor, and ask him/her to order the test, and he/she r

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