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Submission + - Open source takes aim at high-cost math software ( 2

coondoggie writes: "A new open source mathematics program is looking to push aside commercial software commonly used in mathematics education, in large government laboratories and in math-intensive research. The program's backers say the software, called Sage, can do anything from mapping a 12-dimensional object to calculating rainfall patterns under global warming."
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Open source takes aim at high-cost math software

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  • This looks very impressive, especially the Python scripting interface. Matlab programming just plain sucks. I've recently been looking for an open-source alternative to Matlab, and I think this could finally be it. One interesting note, however. This is a Virtual appliance [], and requires 2.5 GB of HDD and 512 MB of RAM. Also, the interface is SSH or a web-browser (they suggest firefox), I assume through a web server running on the virtual host.
    • The problem I can see with this, is the lack of a standard. One of the greatest things about mathamatical proofs is the ability to replicate and test your work. If things don't interact as well as possible, this could be just another obstacle instead of a low cost to free alternative to proprietary software....

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