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jrepin writes: The KDE community has relesed Plasma 5.3, a major new features release of the popular opensource desktop environment. The latest release brings much enhanced power management, better support for Bluetooth, and improved Plasma widgets. Also available is a technical preview of Plasma Media Center shell. In addition, Plasma 5.3 represents a big step towards support for Wayland windowing system. There are also a few other minor tweaks and over 300 bigfixes.
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KDE Plasma 5.3 Released

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  • Does anyone know how to get it on gentoo? it's supposed to be source based, but it still gives 4.12 (and enabling ~unstable gives you 4.14)
    • Dunno about Gentoo, but on ArchLinux, there is a meta-package called "plasma" which brings the so-called KDE 5. Actually there is no KDE 5 as there was a KDE 4; the project was split into other projects, such as Plasma, Frameworks and Applications.

      Maybe Gentoo has such a meta-package.

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