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Submission + - India Plans Mission to Probe Sun by 2020

An anonymous reader writes: "This is set to put the country in top league as far as space exploration is concerned. India Sun mission being planned before 2020 @ $20 million cost. India seems to have big space plans at the moment. The nation that sent Moon mission a few years ago and sent a Mars Mission late last year is now planning to send Sun mission as early as 2020. This seems to be the biggest and most important Indian exploit in the space.
Reports suggest that the solar mission being planned by India's space agency will be experimental in nature and very light indeed. The satellite, which will carry as its payload an advanced solar coronagraph also, will weigh just 400 kg. It was initially projected to cost $10 million, but due to an upgraded mission profile, it is now estimated to cost $20 million. Compared to expense that is incurred by other space agencies across the world it seems peanuts."
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India Plans Mission to Probe Sun by 2020

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