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An anonymous reader writes: Slate reports on new anti-science education coming out of Texas. The state has a charter school system called Responsive Education Solutions, which is publicly funded. Unfortunately, 'it has been connected from its inception to the creationist movement and to far-right fundamentalists who seek to undermine the separation of church and state.' The biology workbook used in these schools actually reads, "In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth." It also brings up social Darwinism as if it's an aspect of evolutionary theory and introduces doubt that the Earth is billions of years old. The article continues, 'To get around court rulings, Responsive Ed and other creationists resort to rhetoric about teaching "all sides" of "competing theories" and claiming that this approach promotes "critical thinking." In response to a question about whether Responsive Ed teaches creationism, its vice president of academic affairs, Rosalinda Gonzalez, told me that the curriculum "teaches evolution, noting, but not exploring, the existence of competing theories."' Other so-called education texts being used by the Responsive Ed program teach Western superiority and how feminism forced women to 'turn to the state as a surrogate husband.'
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Creationism In Texas Public Schools

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  • The subject of creationism is not about science, it is about religion. In this country, our very constitution defines religion as a protected human right, along with freedom of speech and the press. As long as religion is a right, people can not by law be prevented from practicing it, which includes holding beliefs that you may think are wrong, have scientific evidence to prove are wrong, or just plain dislike. Freedom of religion also includes the right of every believer to pass his beliefs on to his child

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