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Submission + - FUSE support in OpenBSD 5.4-current: last, but not least

ConstantineM writes: FUSE(4) has been included in OpenBSD 5.4, but was not build into the default kernels yet, hence, not officially supported. This has since changed in 5.4-current. The undeadly editors have tracked down the author, Sylvestre Gallon, a first-time OpenBSD contributor, and asked him about his experience of getting libfuse into OpenBSD. Long story short: it involves some vfs grokking, improved fusebufs and a BSD rewrite of the GPL libfuse. Although to actually enjoy the feature, you'd still have to subject yourself to GPLv2 in the ports tree: sysutils/sshfs-fuse and ntfs-3g ports are available.
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FUSE support in OpenBSD 5.4-current: last, but not least

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