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Submission + - Breakthrough in detecting DNA mutations could help treat cancer, TB (

vinces99 writes: Researchers have developed a new method that can look at a specific segment of DNA and pinpoint a single mutation, which could help diagnose and treat diseases such as cancer and tuberculosis. These small changes can be the root of a disease or the reason some infectious diseases resist certain antibiotics. The findings were published online July 28 in the journal Nature Chemistry.

âoeWeâ(TM)ve really improved on previous approaches because our solution doesnâ(TM)t require any complicated reactions or added enzymes, it just uses DNA,â said lead author Georg Seelig, a University of Washington assistant professor of electrical engineering and of computer science and engineering. âoeThis means that the method is robust to changes in temperature and other environmental variables, making it well-suited for diagnostic applications in low-resource settings.â

The researchers designed probes that can pick out mutations in a single base pair in a target stretch of DNA. The probes allow researchers to look in much more detail for variations in long sequences â" up to 200 base pairs â" while current methods can detect mutations in stretches of up to only 20.

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Breakthrough in detecting DNA mutations could help treat cancer, TB

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