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Submission + - Here's how the sequester's set to kick in at each federal research agency ( 1

carmendrahl writes: "Unless Congress and the White House act before March 1, the automatic across-the-board spending cuts known as the sequester will kick in. And federal agencies are bracing for the fiscal impact. Federal agencies and the White House are releasing details about how these cuts will affect their operations. If the cuts take effect, expect fewer inspections to the food supply, cuts to programs that support cleanups at former nuclear plants, and plenty of researcher layoffs, among other things."
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Here's how the sequester's set to kick in at each federal research agency

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  • gets to specifics.

    But the real issue here is that since 2001 federal revenue has been about 4% shy of its historic levels. Not only has there been no cut in spending, but there have been 2 wars fought with no provisions to pay for them.

    Right now everybody's getting cut, and the fact that DOD is part of that isn't registering on /. as much as the research side is. Here the desire would be to restore the research funding. In other places the desire is to restore the DOD budget, and make the same amou

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