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Noctis-Kaban writes: Scientists in China have built and tested a radical new space drive. Although the thrust it produces may not be enough to lift your mobile phone, it looks like it could radically change the satellite industry. Satellites are just the start: with superconducting components, this technology could generate the thrust to drive everything from deep space probes to flying cars. And it all started with a British engineer whose invention was ignored and ridiculed in his home country.
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Radical new Space drive

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  • I realise I'm effectively double posting. I see there are a lot of things on further thought in this that are really questionable... I'll start with "a pulse of light can even have a group velocity which is greater than the speed of light". How many other things could be picked at?

    • by dpilot ( 134227 )

      I always thought it was the phase velocity that could exceed C, and isn't there something like "phase velocity * group velocity = C^2" ?

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