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Submission + - Android Jelly Bean resurrected my HP Touchpad (

colinneagle writes: The Google Nexus 10 was going to be my next tablet. But a funny thing happened on the way to me spending $400+ on the Nexus 10. I fell back in love with my existing tablet, the HP Touchpad.

I will tell you that the HP Touchpad seems to have more lives than a cat. But it just goes to show that HP actually built a great piece of hardware in the TP platform. Too bad they didn't take the time to improve WebOS on it or just port it to Android themselves before giving up on it.

First with Gingerbread, then with Ice Cream Sandwich, developers with CyanogenMod have done a great job of porting Android to a platform that was not designed for it.

Doing so is a lot harder than it looks. Making the microphone, the wireless, video acceleration and everything work was not easy. Most recently, a developer called Dorregaray almost single-handedly unlocked the camera on the Touchpad. While not a high-end camera — it is just like 1.5 megapixels or so — it is functional and allows you to use Skype and other apps that use a camera.

Now, another single-handed herculean effort by the renowned James Sullins (aka jcsullins) has made Jelly Bean a reality on the Touch Pad. To be fair, I should mention that this is just a preview release, not even an alpha or beta. But it is the fourth version of the preview and at this point it is pretty stable and working. I have installed it on my Touchpad and am able to do pretty much everything I need.

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Android Jelly Bean resurrected my HP Touchpad

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