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Submission + - Australians urged to spoof IP addresses for better prices ( 1

angry tapir writes: "Choice, a prominent Australian consumer advocacy group, has urged Australians to obfuscate their IP address to avoid geo-blocking and use US forwarding addresses to beat high IT prices. Australia is currently in the middle of parliamentary inquiry into the country's disproportionately high prices for technology. Choice also suggested setting up US iTunes accounts and using surrogate US addresses for forwarding packages from American stores. Choice has noted previously that Australians pay 52 per cent more for digital music downloads on iTunes compared to US users."
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Australians urged to spoof IP addresses for better prices

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  • We have always payed higher prices for our products We have been told for years: it is because of our out-of-the-way location, extra shipping, smaller market, goods need to be customized, yadda yadda yadda Then we see cars manufactured in Australia being exported to USA and sold cheaper than they were here (Holden Monaro []). Digital music which requires no shipping, no packaging, no customization yet songs are dearer to purchase in Australia than overseas from the like

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