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Submission + - You can't bypass the UI formerly known as Metro on Windows 8 ( 1

colinneagle writes: The final build of Windows 8 has already leaked to torrent sites, which is giving the propellerheads a chance to dig through the code. One revelation will probably not sit well with enterprise customers: you can't bypass the don't-call-it-Metro UI.

Normally, you have to boot Windows 8 and when the tiled desktop UI (formerly known as Metro) came up, you had to click on one of the boxes to launch Explorer. Prior builds of Windows 8 allowed the user to create a shortcut so you bypass Metro and go straight to the Explorer desktop.

Rafael Rivera, co-author of the forthcoming Windows 8 Secrets, confirmed to Mary Jo Foley at ZDNet that Microsoft does indeed block the boot bypass routine from prior builds.

He also believes that Microsoft has blocked the ability for administrators to use Group Policy to allow users to bypass the tiled startup screen. There had been hope that Microsoft would at least relent and let corporate users have a bypass, if only for compatibility’s sake.

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You can't bypass the UI formerly known as Metro on Windows 8

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  • It seems strange to me that Microsoft would do that. What do they have to gain by not allowing knowledgeable users to by-pass the tiled interface? Are they planning on putting loads of adverts on it, so they want as many eyeballs as possible?

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