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Submission + - Higgs, Schmiggs - the LHC may have Found Physics Beyond the Standard Model ( 3

BuzzSkyline writes: "Fermilab physicists claim to have discovered evidence of new physics in the same LHC data that revealed the existence of a Higgs-like boson. While the Higgs potentially fills in the final piece of the Standard Model puzzle that describes the known fundamental particles, PhysicsBuzz is reporting that papers soon to be posted to the arXiv preprint server argue that the LHC data also show that the Top Quark has a partner predicted by the powerful, but previously unproven, theory of Supersymmetry. If true, the theory may solve the mystery of dark matter, explain why gravity is so weak, and presage the discovery of a whole host of supersymmetric particles."
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Higgs, Schmiggs - the LHC may have Found Physics Beyond the Standard Model

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  • Has it occurred to you that more particles is not necessarily a good thing?

    For Grid's sake... we're already 3 layers deeper than the electron, and it's starting to get a bit overcrowded.
    • The truth is a good thing. If they are out there, we should look for them, and rejoice in every discovery. Do you think we should stop doing research because we know more than you care to know?
      • "The truth is a good thing."

        I definitely agree. I wasn't trying to defend denialism. I was merely trying to point out that it isn't necessarily a good thing to wish for extra complication.

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