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Submission + - Accountability - Not Code Quality- Makes iOS Safer Than Android ( 1

chicksdaddy writes: "Threatpost is reporting on a new study of mobile malware that finds accountability, not superior technology, has kept Apple's iOS ecosystem free of viruses, even as the competing Android platform strains under the wait of repeated malicious code outbreaks.
Dan Guido of the firm Trail of Bits and Michael Arpaia of iSEC Partners told attendees at the SOURCE Boston Conference on Thursday about an empirical analysis of existing malicious programs for the Android and iOS platforms shows that Google is losing the mobile security contest badly — every piece of malicious code the two identified was for the company's Android OS, while Apple's iOS remained free of malware, despite owning 30% of the mobile smart phone market in the U.S. Apple's special sauce? Policies that demand accountability from iOS developers, and stricter controls on what applications can do once they are installed on Apple devices."

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Accountability - Not Code Quality- Makes iOS Safer Than Android

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  • The concept is well known and obvious and was proven a long time ago.

    ANY kind of code inspection, even one where you only have requirements and dont even look at the code, is going to produce 'better' code than a process without any code inspection. (for some measure of 'better'.)

    Granted neither of these groups is anywhere near "good", but announcing this difference as a great newsworthy event is kind of silly.

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