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An anonymous reader writes: From an article at "One of the deepest mysteries in quantum physics is the wave-particle duality: every quantum object has properties of both a wave and a particle. Nowhere is this effect more beautifully demonstrated than in the double-slit experiment: streams of particles (photons, electrons, whatever) are directed at a barrier with two narrow openings. [...] Now researchers have successfully performed a quantum interference experiment with much larger and more massive molecules than ever before. Thomas Juffmann et al. fired molecules composed of over 100 atoms at a barrier with openings designed to minimize molecular interactions, and observed the build-up of an interference pattern."
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Particle-wave duality demonstrated with largest molecules yet

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  • Individual particles below a certain size do not seem to care what time it is. They seem to interact with their temporal cousins of every time.

    Does this interference exist for large time intervals like months or years? Can I patent time travel for the very small?

Radioactive cats have 18 half-lives.