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Submission + - Sopa-II : H.R. 1981 "Protecting Children From Internet Pornographers Act" ( 7

TaoPhoenix writes: "Here we go! As many of you predicted, SOPA would be rebuilt worse than ever by switching the Copyright flavor to a "Protect the Kiddies" flavor. You were right. H.R. 1981, entitled "Protecting Children From Internet Pornographers Act", has just been sponsored by Lamar Smith, the same lead proponent of SOPA. That was fast! Unfortunately it has a built in cheapo argument ready as a talking point. It also has some nasty and costly data retention clauses that weren't even in SOPA. Are we ready to do another Blackout Day? I don't think we have too many of those left before the fragile Internet coalition becomes exhausted. So, two questions: How do we stop this bill, and how do we win a victory permanent enough that we don't have to do this every single month?
Business Insider version:
David Seaman's Youtube videocast"

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Sopa-II : H.R. 1981 "Protecting Children From Internet Pornographers Act"

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  • We knew this was coming. This is the new flavor of the month. It needs to be combated in just the same way. Thankfully both the left and right (OWS and Tea Party) are dead-set against this. I don't see this passing either -- but, as Mad-Eye Moody said: "Constant Vigilance."
    • However, that requires getting it out of the Firehose.

      I DO see this risking passing because of their aggressive agenda, they're pissed about the SOPA fallout.

      The change in naming is lethal too - because Middle America is muddled but against Big Copyright, but the way this one is framed people risk smear campaigns that will be indexed in search engines forever.

  • At Least they let the original legislation die before renaming it. Up here in Canada, The Harper Govt. renamed the Investigating and Preventing Criminal Electronic Communications Act to the Protecting Children From Internet Predators Act in mid debate.
    • Well, only because we took such a flyswatter to it the first time they didn't have the backup plan in place first.

      Also, it's a Month Later now - that protest was SO "Last Month's News".

  • Getting rid of republicans like Lamar Smith. Otherwise, its like crotch rot and toe fungus. It will just keep coming back again and again.

    • Politicians, as with other people, need to be educated on the problems at hand. Too many people find something wrong and go "there ought to be a law." Republicans scream law and order. And Democrats are just as bad. Mention that a regulation is harmful and they scream "deregulation! - deregulation! - you want corporations to rule the world! - aahhh!!!! run-from-the-psycho" Sometimes the regulation sucks. Example: SOPA, ACTA, PIPA and now HR 1981.
      • Yep, the fact that they have introduced this stuff four times means they're well "educated" by now, it's a pure power grab.

        And this story is voted Red Hot in the firehose, but it's still here, and the front page slot went to that Idle parody thing. Yep.

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