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asavin writes: The world's first genetically modified monkeys have been created by scientists in the U.S by fusing cells from up to six different embryos.

These monkeys are the first time that chimeras — animals which are created in labs by made up of cells from two or more organisms — have been produced from a species other than rodents.

The rhesus monkeys, singleton Chimero and twins Roku and Hex, appear to be in good health with no apparent birth defects following the controversial technique.

The chimera monkeys, who were made up from a mixture of cells from as many as six individuals, could have be of "enormous" importance for medical research.

The technique of "gluing" cells from very early stage monkey embryos before placing them into the womb of mothers has met by heavy criticism, who has describes the research as "deeply disturbing."

"Using such highly sentient animals in this research raises enormous ethical concerns and imposes a heavy welfare burden, resulting in severe suffering to many animals," says Dr Jarrod Bailey, scientific consultant for the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV).

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World's First Genetically Modified Monkeys 'Deeply

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