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Submission + - Chrome Becomes World's No. 2 Browser (ibtimes.com) 1

redletterdave writes: "Google Chrome has eclipsed Mozilla's Firefox browser as the world's second most popular Web browser and now only trailsMicrosoft's Internet Explorer,according to StatCounter.Chrome's worldwide market share is pegged at about 25.7 percent, while Firefox's market share is estimated to be roughly 25.2 percent. Internet Explorer still clearly dominates the market with 40.6 percent of the global share. Similar to the way Safari gets a boost from the iPhone and iPad, Chrome can reach even more people if it became available on Android devices, which sources say is "very likely.""
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Chrome Becomes World's No. 2 Browser

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  • These days I care more about browser security than I do about OS security. All of my lunch money is accessed via the web, not on the OS as much itself.

    Anyway, I started using Chrome because at the time it was secure and less well-known. Who's going to customize browser attacks on something that has 5% marketshare? Now, Chrome hits the 25% mark and begins overtaking Firefox... what do I do now? Chrome is still rated as the most secure browser, but will that continue? I don't want to switch to Opera or S

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