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Submission + - Andrea Rossi Claims E-Cat Test a Success (wired.co.uk) 4

NoisySplatter writes: The test of Andrea Rossi's 1MW cold fusion power plant mentioned previously here has been declared a success by its inventor. During the test the E-Cat unit is reported to have produced an average of 470 kW over 5 hours. Skeptics however should have no trouble finding ammunition with which to attack the test, since the power plant remained suspiciously connected to a running generator the entire time.
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Andrea Rossi Claims E-Cat Test a Success

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  • When will these yahoos actually DO SCIENCE. There is a simple process that needs to take place around doing science, we all learn it in school. The most important is that it needs to be repeatable. I think I could make the appearance of cold fusion work too - if I had the damn thing plugged into the wall!
    • Electrolysis needs a constant current flowing, if the steamer is not fed into a steam/electricity convertor (steam turbine) you can't loop the generated power back to the system. Also the guy is not a scientist, he is a tinkerer that just tried hundreds of setups and supposedly found a working one. Most likely a scam artist however the video below gives us a bit of hope that he might actually bumped into something.

      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OabYImeDSc [youtube.com]
  • Do not misunderstand: I am not defending Andrea Rossi. His behavior has been consistently suspicious. To say the very least.

    I believe the story about it "being connected to a running generator" is not accurate. One of the reporters did state that a unit (there are many in the plant) being examined remained connected to a power source, though that power source was reported to have been turned off. I sympathize and agree with the reporter. If you are trying to convince someone that your system works, then
  • Am i loosing something? A guy named Rossi walks into a bar, says it had made a generator using cold fusion (reported by wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cold_fusion [wikipedia.org] as junk science), swear it worked in a test that only his friends can go in, get front page in slashdot, an article in wired, some attention in cnn, and everyone that comments anything in these sites in the comments area says always positive nice things about the guy. I never saw this happen in the net, i was expecting at least a little of

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